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Auto Sprouter - Step by Step Instructions

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The world has become more and more aware of health food and conscious of food safety. Due to pollution and the usage of growth promonants, vegetables may appear beautiful to the eyes but have undesirable remnants. Luckily, here is a helpful invention - Auto Sprouter.  This tool kit allows you to grow your own fresh, pollution-free sprouts right at home. It is a simple and economical solution.

Auto Sprouter is easy to put together and easy to use. Detailed instructions come with the tool kit. The steps are as follows:


First, find a place suitable for water supply and drainage. Ideally, it is also a spot where you can hang Auto Sprouter.  For example, your kitchen, balcony, veranda, laundry room, basement, garage and garden.

Remove the incubation bag from the box and slide the rod provided through the top.

Thread the rope through the holes underneath the rod and tie a knot.

The rope should be tied on both ends of the rod to secure the incubation bag.

Hang the incubation bag on the hooks provided or use your preferred methods of hanging.

Place your beans in the punched bean bags. Suggested amount of beans is printed on the bean bags.

For small beans, use 25 g per bag. For medium size beans, use 50 g. For larger beans, use 100g, approximately 4 oz. These are suggested weights but be flexible and experiment with the amounts.

The incubation bag has 3 layers for incubation. (The top layer with the hanging rod being the water storage layer.) Each layer can fit two bean bags. You can choose to grow 6 bags at once or grow on a rotational basis so that each layer will mature at different times. In this way, you always have fresh sprouts.

The next step is to place a spring inside each incubation layer.

Then place 2 bean-filled bean bags on top of each spring. Notice that it is important not to fold the bean bags at the top as it may limit growth space.

Now, connect your water source to Auto Sprouter. There are two ways. First, the most straight forward way is to attach the joint socket to the tap. Please make sure that you secure the socket onto the tap tightly so that the water supply is uninterrupted. (Note that if the water supply is too strong, the water pressure may cause the socket to fall off. Using the second method of a water tank or a bucket might avoid this problem. See step 17. )

Turn on the tap and use the drip to control the speed of the water flow.

The recommended dripping rate is approximately 150 droplets per minute.

Insert the tube into the top layer of the incubation bag through the marked hole.

Remember to tie a loose knot with the tube so that it won't fall out of the incubation bag.

Like this.

If you don't have an extra tap, then place a bucket of water at a spot higher than the Auto Sprouter.

Place the joint socket at the bottom of the bucket.

Suck the tube to induce the water from the bucket. By syphon principle, the water will flow through the tube smoothly.

It is important to make sure that the bucket always have enough water. Check the water level at least twice a day as a lack of continuous water supply can damage the growth of the sprouts.

Once your Auto Sprouter is all set, the water flows and begin to fill the top layer of the incubator and regularly irrigates all the layers below.

Lastly, cover the Auto Sprouter with a black plastic sheet.

Secure the black sheet with the clips provided so that you will produce white sweet sprouts instead of green ones.

Let's see how fast the sprouts grow. This is first day.

Second day.

Third day.

Fourth day.

Under ideal temperature, sprouts are ready in 3-5 days. If the temperature is low, then the incubation time required is longer. To harvest, just take out the bean bags from the incubation bag.

Isn't this easy?

The sprouts can last up to 1 week in your fridge.

How can you enjoy your harvest? The easiest way to enjoy bean sprouts is to add them to your salad so that you consume more fibre and nutrition.  Sprouts taste great with any salad dressing.

Auto Sprouter is the best gift for the entire family. It can be an educational tool for kids and growing sprouts can be a fun retirement hobby. Whether you live in a city, country side, apartment building or a house, Auto Sprouter takes up so little space and it is such a cheap, practical, anytime anywhere incubation device.You will be glad to have it!

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